Monday, June 30, 2014

June 22 - 28 2014

           Another small week but a delightful group! Really appreciate Jack and Maria making a return visit this year after being here last year for Steve and Michele's wedding. Maria kept us entertained all week and one can get radiation burns if you stand too close. Also really appreciate Tom's return visit as well as the addition of Steve and Rick. They were first timers here at OB and seemed to really have a blast despite some coolish weather and a bit of rain. We started the week on the ponds and section of river in front of OB and moved to the Klamath which is a bit of heaven with wonderful flows and fantastic scenery. Scott Harding and PK once again delivered as did our five star culinary staff of Therese and Miranda. Having such a great staff makes life so pleasant and easy for the management team - we love and appreciate them all!

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