Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 21-27

Very small group this week but with ratio of two to one and the entire lodge for four guests things were pretty mellow. It was difficult duty for Mr Charles and Jess with three beautiful women and the extraordinary southern gentleman, Dan Collins. Delightful group, weather and four evenly matched paddlers made for a sublime atmosphere. But hopefully these guys will comment and give you the real skinny. Summer is finally here with temps in the high 80's and the swimming is happening. Just came back from the upper hole. Perfect visibility and lovely water temps. We are still on the Salmon! Ikes tomorrow!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

June 14-20

This is the first post I have done for the blog that is current as I have been playing catch up on all the others. Another week of spectacular weather and the bit of mud that came from the flash flood up the north Fork has cleared out. Emerald waters and a riotous group was the norm with Larry Bock distinguishing himself as number one instigator. In fact, we had two teen agers last week, although, Trevor displayed a level of maturity missing in the elder teen. Our internet was noticebly crippled by the constant downloading of god knows what by this group. Pleasure seeing old time repeats Scott Minick, Richard Spry, Monte, Mike and Mary Homier and Bob. We boated the Crapo run, lower Salmon, Dillon Creek run and several forays to the Ikes. Benny, Jess and Jason were the "turbo stud god" insructors and it was a seriously good time had by all. Thank you guys for keeping us alive here and leave some comments!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JUNE 7-13 2009

Cooler weather with bits of rain, tons of sun and wonderful "Chinese landscape" fogs have been the norm this week and we are loving it. The river is dropping slowly down and we are migrating to the lower sections and towards the Klamath. Loved seeing Hank Bratt after all these years and meeting Hazel. We had a blast this week and really enjoyed the addition of lance and Lucy. Flash floods late in the week turned the North fork chocolate but I am super happy to report that we are back to normal and the river is stunning once again. Otter bar beach is happening! Thanks guys and send posts!

MAY 31- JUNE 6, 2009

The incredible Tommy Pappas and Brian Mcdermid (chefs extraordinaire) have been blowing us away with their culinary talents and this week's group was pretty up on the whole program. Jennifer,Francesca, Linda, Leslie, were their usual understated selves. This was Dave Farkas's last week teaching and his effussive positive energy was a joy to the boss and we will miss him. Some cool new folks, as well and continued fantastic levels with all runs in. Sorry I missed your departure Joanne and THANKS to you all for a super fun week

MAY 24-30, 2009

Old Home Week played well this year. The amazing Pete Peterson held court and Bob Ferguson is a rolling machine (not bad for a 76 yr old newbie to the sport)! Great seeing the old guard once again - Paul Johnson, Rheim,Mike, Steve,Henry L, Jim, Ray Purnell (you finally have something new to look at). Sorry to loose Bob and Scott Pippin but we hear Scott is fine and at the Air Force academy. Killer flows with all sections in. Send us your posts!

MAY 17-23, 2009

Hey Scott and group. Thanks for all the help getting us going on the blog! We had continued great flows and it was so great seeing so many good friends. Bob and Marion - wonderful seeing you and Ken Salce - Bella - Jeff and all of you THANKS for keeping us going in this tough year!

May 10-16 2009

Week two was much busier and a ton of fun. Mick Hopkinson and Ruth Gordon made cameos for the week and we loved it. It was truly an honor to have them here and Mick's "safety" safety lecture was a highlight! Great flows and non-stop action on the South Fork and north fork was the norm.

May 3-9 2009

Dear "first week" crew, Finally we are getting the blog up! And a memorable week it was (thank you cat and Tim) and others,as well, but those guys pegged the meter. Please feel free to post anything and THANKS for coming! peter and kristy