Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 21-27

Very small group this week but with ratio of two to one and the entire lodge for four guests things were pretty mellow. It was difficult duty for Mr Charles and Jess with three beautiful women and the extraordinary southern gentleman, Dan Collins. Delightful group, weather and four evenly matched paddlers made for a sublime atmosphere. But hopefully these guys will comment and give you the real skinny. Summer is finally here with temps in the high 80's and the swimming is happening. Just came back from the upper hole. Perfect visibility and lovely water temps. We are still on the Salmon! Ikes tomorrow!

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  1. What a way to finish the summer! Temperatures steadily rising into the 90s, the swimming was about as good as it gets, and with hardly anyone there to catch you if you forgot your togs! I have to say, if you are only gonna have four people on a course, I would choose these four. Now for highlights of the week; Side splitting stories of Black & Decker drills in the emergency room thanks to Elizabeth and her drill gesutre - vrrrmmm! Dan's melodic southern drawl, Alysa's inability to go upsidedown, even when she wanted to, as well as the "Rocker Hoola Hooper"- a sight to see! Mira dancing to the live music on Friday, after spending the day rolling her way down the river (heeheehee) Tommy's Perma-grin on the post-work runs, and Brian putting BUTTER in several things! REALLY! He did! I swear! Great week, and now, on to the skiing! Missing you all already.