Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 12 2011

Wonderful Fall weather now at Otter Bar with approx 4 inches of rain to date. Ponds are clean and almost full. New roof on the shop complete and a new wood shed addition complete, as well. Back to landscaping now and the days grow shorter. We had a much better year with bookings up and tremendous water throughout the season. The Fall salmon runs have been epic and check out the dive clips on our "fans" page. They are spawning on the property as I write and it is a wonder to contemplate their tenacity to return to the exact same spot they were born and continue the cycle. Kristy has been busy completing the season's office work and we will be departing soon on a trip North to visit friends and family. I am headed to Antarctica in November for a three week trip with Graham Charles aboard the Ocean Nova. Quite a treat! Gearing up for ski season now as there is snow up high and the juices are flowing. Thanks for making this wonderful life possible and we will continue to make otter bar the place of dreams as long as our clients keep loving it here! Cheers and keep in touch and I will continue to put up an occasional post throughout the off season. peter sturges Fall 2011