Friday, August 28, 2009

Aug 23 - 29

As you can see Mayzie took the class (she prefers Jackson boats) and with her ferry angles it is no surprise that she was voted most improved. Now if we could just get her to quit barking at night. Some great folks here this week and it is always a blast to see Bill and Carrie as well as Bill Sullivan who routinely annoys me by skiing even more days last year than I did. A very compatible group I must say and I couldn't even get them to come up for air and watch one of Rush's movies. Great week with a wonderful trip to Bloomer Falls on Wednesday. Plenty of salmon deep in the hole. And a great week of kayaking for everyone except the boss who has to stay home while Kristy and Allison jet off to Switzerland to watch Rush compete in the Worlds in Thun. That's OK I'll just move a few thousand rocks and suffer in this god forsaken sweatshop. No really, it's OK honey I'll just be stuck in traffic in this hell hole while you sing "the hills are alive". Spectacular weather this week which was lucky because we have a guest (Julie Perry) that is sporting a garden on the hood of her car (honest)! Thanks for coming and please leave some comments or someone else who is foolish enough to read these posts will think you don't like us.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Aug 16 - 22

More clear blue skies and warm weather were the norm this week.Great seeing Michael Kerwin and we had a wonderful visit from Phil and Mary Deriemer mid week. The diving with the group was a blast on Wed as the statewide ban on dredging has improved the water quality greatly! Really enjoyed the group with a stellar father son combo (Drew and Chet) and Willa and Konrad were great fun to get to know, as well. Peter from Chicago was truly a rock and pushed himself hard on the kayaking front. Great water this week with lots of rolling and steep learning curves and the food was off the charts, as usual! Thank you all for coming and leave a comment!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Aug 2 - 8

An amazing week! In addition to a stellar group we had some off the charts weather. Massive thunderstorms and lightening moved in on Wed afternoon and by Wednesday evening it was pounding down rain. We had somewhere near an inch overnight and after a prolonged dry spell we have no more dust and the smells are from heaven. Chinese fogs have draped the landscape and this, after a pretty intense heat wave, has put us all in the best of humor. The Zeiter family (all five of them) have pegged "the most athletic family" meter to date and certainly a wonderful booking for Otter Bar in this rather slow year. They are off to Presido to Sandy Bar run as I write and Margarita night tonight promises to be the rocking blast it always is. Loved having Awna Z for a week and the Tommy/Bryan team blasted out another week of 4 star meals. THANKS for coming and leave some comments!