Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just back from Antarctica. I was invited by Graham Charles to go down on a three week trip aboard the 72 meter OCEAN NOVA. After a bit of "airport hell" I completed the transit through Buenos Aires to Ushuaia at the southern tip of Argentina. Quark Expeditions was the host company and I was thrilled that they provided sea kayaks so that I could paddle the ice and get shots like the one above. It was an incredible experience to visit The Faulklands, South Georgia and the Weddell Sea side of the Antarctic peninsula. Extremely well run ship in every respect and the Expedition Crew were tireless in their pursuit of creating the ultimate experience for the 60 passengers. This trip includes lots of Zodiak landings and this, of course is a major highlight. Normally they have a complete sea kayak agenda which I would highly recommend, however, this particular trip did not include this itinerary. They were kind enough to include a couple kayaks, though, so I could get a feel for how ridiculously fun paddling in the ice is! Thank you G Charles on that one. The combination of seeing tons of animal life, ice, ocean and a supremely comfortable ship was unparalleled! If you are interested there are a ton of photos on our "fans" page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Otter-Bar-Lodge/84701887461?ref=ts. Back on the river now and waiting for snow with Christmas coming in a few days. Looking forward to seeing the kids ( Rush back from the Congo recently and Alli working with autistic kids in Berkeley) and spending some quality family time. Love to you all! peter