Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec 20 Back from Tahoe

Photo taken last week at Evan's house in Alpine Meadows (thanks again) - 60 inches of fresh in one storm (that's the Explorer under there). Our family is circling the wagons as Rush has just arrived back from Chile and Alli, after skiing with me in Tahoe, is now home but headed out the door for a year in New Zealand in mid January. Rush broke his back down in Argentina but, at present, it seems that he will make a full recovery in a few months. You can learn more by going to his web site, if you are so inclined. We are excited to be all together and hope to rendezvous later today at the Etna house. I hope this finds our extended family happy and well! p

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving blast @OB

Thanksgiving 2009 at Otter Bar was, well, off the charts. We had over 30 people for dinner and the lodge/cabins were at capacity. New on the scene this year was the John and Dina Johns family, the Cedar and Mahaj family as well as my brother Jock and Maia and their kids Marine and their newest arrival Maeve. Simply put, we had a blast! Great weather allowed for major walks and even a backhoe ride and the four day holiday seemed over before it began. Rush was sorely missed as he is still in Chile flinging himself off of cliffs. It is one of the greatest events that we host at Otter Bar and it is the one time we really use the place for a massive party for many of our dearest friends. Of course, I'm still picking up the pieces of our destroyed lodge (just kidding). As most of you know, the new web site is up and not without some glitches. PLEASE let us know if you have any trouble loading any of it. Should be all good now but... This brings our love to those of you who didn't make it and to our huge extended family that make this life possible! Peter and Kristy