Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 24 - 30

There were a lot of highlights this week with killer flows, weather and camraderie! Great to see John Perone and Steve Hochederafter so many years as well as Bruce Van Nice. Those guys in combo with Steve Barns and Bill Kraft kept the humor meter pegged all week. The paddling was 5 star and the learning curves steep (nice job on that combat roll Ione)! We dove on the Salmon on Wed and there were lots of Kings deep in the hole. It was a real pleasure to meet Karen Graul as well as the Fromm family (Gerrie, Rick and Russel). Erica gets the prize for the biggest smile at the end of the week. We were on the Salmon the entire week and the water just kept getting clearer and warmer. You guys were a blast! cheers and thanks for coming! p

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 17 - 23

This was a particularly fun week with a bunch of very game and nice people! The Ritter clan distinguished themselves on (and off) the river. Josh and Dan really ripped it up as did Michelle, Sheryl and Bill. Beth, of course, was the rock star. Dick and Maryke were a wonderful addition and are the sweetest people ever! Tim Ritter did an amazing thing bringing his whole family and Lindsey and the whole clan seemed to have the time of their lives! We spent a lot of time on the Otter Bar to Crapo section and were able to get on the lower river on Friday. Looks like the river will stay in for some time as the levels seem to be holding. Looking forward to the Klamath coming in, though, as it has been too high. cheers to you all and THANKS! peter

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 10 - 16

Mike and Eric have just left and Beth is staying on for another week. Small but an excellent group of people who got on famously. We had a rapidly dropping river and are now on the section in front of Otter bar and the lower river. The beach is out big time and as lovely as ever and I have been swimming everyday! It is quite brisk as the days have been cool (low 80's) and the nights in the high 40's low 50's. Took the SUP to Crapo yesterday and what a blast. Wonderful year for us as business has picked up and our final 6 weeks are filling nicely. Excellent job on the part of ace instructor Benny extrordinaire and the culinary staff went over the top, as always. Thanks for being here and hope we see you again soon! p

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 3 - 9

The river is finally dropping. There is still plenty of snow tucked up in the northern aspects but the bigger pushes are over. Lovely summer weather this week and, as always, the group excelled! Sweet group of people and their rapt attention to Rex's superb performance on margarita night was much appreciated. Special kudos to Kyle Kovalik for his performance (on all levels) as well. He helped me wrap up the lower pond clean out on the last day and I am super appreciative (and sore). Sorry I missed your departures! Great seeing Heidi and Bryan again - their enthusiasm knows no bounds. They even talked their friends Mark and Mary into coming along who were clearly taken with the place. Pete and Kathy Litz were a delight as was Stephanie who really seemed to light up this week. Really appreciated Bruce Wear's second appearance at OB this year and we enjoyed meeting his son John. Team Brown University (Fred and Bryan) were a fantastic addition and Jennifer Lux did light up the place with her own glitter and fire - after all it was fourth of July. Yes, the fireworks were as spectacular as always! Thanks to the 5 star guides ( PK, Grum, J and D) as well as another outstanding performance by our culinary experts Kendra, Jackie and Dano! Thanks for coming!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

June 26 - July 3

This week was not without its challenges. Great flows early on and then a big warm rain came in. River went from 3,000 to 7,000 overnight. Good timing, though as the group was super game on Tuesday as the water came up and then by Thursday the river came way down! Wonderful seeing Dan and Elizabeth again as well as Jeff Donaldson! Thanks for all the help at the first aid station as we had to do a minor repair on Mike Mayes. Trevor rocked it this week in the big stuff (as did his dad) and we had a stout beginner crew with Mark, Mike Cummings and Gordon. A pleasure to see Greg and Danielle again after many years and I believe they had a singular and wonderful experience! Truly an unusual year with the snow coming off ever so slowly. 5 star guide staff (Grum,Farkas,J and D), as always, and I am hugely appreciative of the exceptional level of professionalism displayed by all of them. I know this sounds like my usual brew of my effusively positive crap but you that have been here know of what I speak. Thanks so much for coming and sorry Saturday was a bit on the hectic side not to mention Wednesday night - one for the OB history "Book Of Snags" cheers