Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 3 - 9

The river is finally dropping. There is still plenty of snow tucked up in the northern aspects but the bigger pushes are over. Lovely summer weather this week and, as always, the group excelled! Sweet group of people and their rapt attention to Rex's superb performance on margarita night was much appreciated. Special kudos to Kyle Kovalik for his performance (on all levels) as well. He helped me wrap up the lower pond clean out on the last day and I am super appreciative (and sore). Sorry I missed your departures! Great seeing Heidi and Bryan again - their enthusiasm knows no bounds. They even talked their friends Mark and Mary into coming along who were clearly taken with the place. Pete and Kathy Litz were a delight as was Stephanie who really seemed to light up this week. Really appreciated Bruce Wear's second appearance at OB this year and we enjoyed meeting his son John. Team Brown University (Fred and Bryan) were a fantastic addition and Jennifer Lux did light up the place with her own glitter and fire - after all it was fourth of July. Yes, the fireworks were as spectacular as always! Thanks to the 5 star guides ( PK, Grum, J and D) as well as another outstanding performance by our culinary experts Kendra, Jackie and Dano! Thanks for coming!

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