Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 17 - 23

This was a particularly fun week with a bunch of very game and nice people! The Ritter clan distinguished themselves on (and off) the river. Josh and Dan really ripped it up as did Michelle, Sheryl and Bill. Beth, of course, was the rock star. Dick and Maryke were a wonderful addition and are the sweetest people ever! Tim Ritter did an amazing thing bringing his whole family and Lindsey and the whole clan seemed to have the time of their lives! We spent a lot of time on the Otter Bar to Crapo section and were able to get on the lower river on Friday. Looks like the river will stay in for some time as the levels seem to be holding. Looking forward to the Klamath coming in, though, as it has been too high. cheers to you all and THANKS! peter

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