Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 24 - 30

There were a lot of highlights this week with killer flows, weather and camraderie! Great to see John Perone and Steve Hochederafter so many years as well as Bruce Van Nice. Those guys in combo with Steve Barns and Bill Kraft kept the humor meter pegged all week. The paddling was 5 star and the learning curves steep (nice job on that combat roll Ione)! We dove on the Salmon on Wed and there were lots of Kings deep in the hole. It was a real pleasure to meet Karen Graul as well as the Fromm family (Gerrie, Rick and Russel). Erica gets the prize for the biggest smile at the end of the week. We were on the Salmon the entire week and the water just kept getting clearer and warmer. You guys were a blast! cheers and thanks for coming! p

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