Sunday, August 7, 2011

Perfect weather, amazing flows, food, people, punctuated this week to the end. It was a full and fun week especially with the addition of Doug Hudson and his partner Eric. Three teen girls (Shannon, Nahanni and Hannah) kept us on our toes. John Mason was back with his son Kyle and coupled with KC and Clint, Bob and Jen and Dave and Betsy and Nick we had a rollicking time of it on and off the river. We were, once again on the Salmon the whole week! I shot a ton of pictures on the lower Salmon on Thursday and with stunning water quality, temps in the high 80's it was an indelible experience. There were a few blunders in the eddies and a swim here and there but that's what going to a kayak school is all about. We had a ten out of 10 success running kissing rock on Friday and Margarita night was full throttle. Stellar guide crew with the PK, Benny, Andy and Andrew holding court. And, of course our chefs extrordinaire - Kendra, Jackie and Dano were on their game as always It's hard to believe we make our living doing this and we owe it all to you guys for showing up at this remote outpost. Thanks for coming!! peter

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