Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another wonderful week. We were mostly on the Salmon with the exception of the Stand Up Paddle boarders who dominated on the Klamath. I did take a few photos of two of the SUP/RIVER crew on the property run the last day but none on the Klamath. The jury is in, though, and apparently the Klamath is 5 star for paddle boarding. Sean, Sebastian and Chris starred in our first ever foray into this new sport and successfully ran all of the runs we normally use in the kayak program and LOVED them!! Great seeing Kirk Heyne after many years who brought his loquatious and lovely daughter Clare. Seija Surr was a delight and we enjoyed meeting Renne and Veronika as well as Ed and Chris. Fantastic paddling, biking and dining for yet another stunning week of perfect weather. Blue/green days and intensely starry nights with highs in the 80's was the norm. Great job, Andy and Ben and Chris. Kendra was top flight in the kitchen, as well as the amazing Dano and Jackie. Easy to love what you do with this crew. Kristy rocked it in the office, as always, and I can't say enough about what a great job she does here. Two weeks left which are solidly booked and we may even have to pay taxes this year. Thanks for coming! p

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