Sunday, June 23, 2013

June 16 - 22 2013

What a fun group we had this week. I believe an amazing time was had by all, especially the boss. Lovely to have Bill and Cheryl (thanks again for bringing Hanna) as well as Sal who gave us some much needed help with our beloved pets! The salmon river was low but stunning and I dove with some King salmon in the upper pool yesterday. Great to see Joanne Roux and Sam Hafez as well as Dan and Elizabeth Cochran who are very long time OB devotees. Speaking of which we enjoyed having Frank Colver who ran his electric motorcycle all over the mountains this week. The Boche family (Philip and Alex) were also here and I am so sorry we missed Adam, as well as their early AM departure on Sat. Speaking of father son combos (we had three last week) it was great seeing Kurt and Tristan back again after innumerable visits! Terry and Roy Nixon were new on the scene, as well as Beth Aldana and they were a most welcome addition. The week was coolish but stunning with lucid sky and cloud scapes galore. The food was 5 star as usual and we love having Bri and Therese turning out exceptional cuisine on a constant basis! It was a memorable week and we thank you all so much for coming.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 9 - 15 2013

The boss had a few plumbing melt downs this week but it was a fine group of people and a fantastic week. A large number of repeat folks with the old crony group (Francesca, Leslie, Jen and Susanne) holding court on a regular basis. It was great to see them after so many years. We also enjoyed Bruce Wear and Mike Forster as well as Rene and "Roni". Roni's smile at the end of the week was huge! Of course my old ski buddy Bill Sullivan was great to have around and while he may have skied more days than I did this year I'm certain I beat him out on "face shots". Wonderful having some new folks as well. We are still on the Salmon and while it is getting low the Salmon/Klamath combo is sublime! Great food, people, times. Thanks for coming

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 2 - 8

Cool temps and super clear water were the norm this week and then a heat wave to finish it off. We were once again on the Salmon for most of the week, although Friday found us on both the Ikes run and Dillon to Sandy Bar. The Klamath is finally in and I believe everyone loved the runs down there this week. Great seeing Heidi and Brian Oblander and their twice yearly visits are putting them solidly in the frequent flyer category! It was a pleasure seeing Bob Pippin and Mario Hernandez as well as Larry Dewell and Robert and Linda Martelli (thanks for all the almonds!). We had some new folks as well which makes us happy as we often feel that everyone who ever comes here will return! It is now Monday and the heat wave is over I am happy to report and we now have breezes off the ocean. The food just keeps getting better and a huge thanks to Brianna and Therese for being so wonderful on all levels. We have lots of spaces from late June onward so spread the word if you know anyone who wants to experience Otter Bar!  Thanks for coming   p

Monday, June 3, 2013

May 26 - June 2

By all accounts, "Old Home Week" was a ragging success! This crew certainly kept the boss on his toes as the "fix it" orders came fast and furious. Pete Peterson was in excellent form as was Henry Louderbough and Jim Mikeska. These guys have returning for many many years and I think Pete holds the record for the most visits (approx 200). While low, the rivers were in fact wonderful and highly conducive to the learning curve. Amazing to think we could teach these old farts anything but the guides were stunned at the progress the entire group made this week. Great seeing Bob and Marion Lew as well as Rob and Linda and, of course the irascible "Ferg" held court on a constant basis. We had a number of new people this week, as well, and we will be posting a "geezer "warning from now on for these unsuspecting souls. We had some cool weather and rain early in the week but things heated up towards the weekend and, from my perspective, I don't think things could have gone any better this week. Bri and Therese positively killed it in the galley and the food here somehow manages to reach new heights every year. Thanks for coming!!  P