Friday, May 28, 2010

May 24 -30

Very rainy and cold in all of California this week. Despite the average age of this amazing group of long time OB veterans, this was a resilient crew that paddled hard all week. Of course, Peterson held court and while The Ferg often upstaged him, he was dominant until the very end and is even staying another week just to piss off the group. Paul Johnson and super chef son Dano were their ever charming selves and Merida Scully, while the true rock star of the group, was kind enough to put up with the sophmoric humour (she's English) while she gracefully styled the runs to the chagrin of the old guard. It was a rainy week indeed and the hot tub may never recover but we did love this group and while none of them may want to take a chance on Northern CA weather again we can only hope. Check our Fans page for photos and THANKS FOR COMING

Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 16 - 22

We had four guests this week and much of the time four instructors. The great BJ and GC held court and D&J were a welcome addition to the team. Great fun seeing Steve Rottman again and his humor carried the week. Sheri and Carrie Ann and Chad were also a pleasure to be around, as well, and despite some very high flows, the learning curves were steep! It was a pretty cold week mixed with bits of sunshine and the "chinese fog landscapes" were second to none. Extremely beautiful here this spring and the place is running smoother than ever. Now if we just had more clients.... Thank you guys so much for coming!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 9 -15

Great flows and a great group. Full house this week and we really appreciate Maren and Paul and Steve sticking around for a second! We had fantastic flows all week and some beautiful weather on and off. Very cold storm on Monday and I managed to get yet one last day of Powder (10 inches up high). Boat one day and ski the next - pretty cool. I included a few snow shots on this weeks OB Fans page update We had groups plying the South Fork's Methodist Creek run, Knownothing run and Matthews creek run as well as two forays up the North Fork to the Idlewild run and runs on both Butler and Norheimer runs. It doesn't get any better around here as the water quality is stunning. Peter K , Silas, K&J made up the top notch instructional team and we are thrilled to meet D&J who clearly fit in with program. We haven't had Margarita Night yet and the groups are out ripping it up so I will post more later - especially a few more photos from tonight's festivities. Sorry I don't have more river shots! Cheers and leave some comments ("anonymous" works fine) either here or on OtterBar Lodge Fans page or both! We appreciate it.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 2 - 8 First week 2010!

Off and running with stellar flows! A bit coolish this week. although plenty of sunshine and a solid group in every respect. The legendary Cat Lady and Tim Silbaugh made the scene, once again and there was no shortage of class 5 banter. Paul Popowich and Maren were back for a second year and are even staying for a second week! We wish Maren would quit dominating the conversation. Steve Rossberg put the hammer down and his deliveries were nothing short of slam dunk. Really enjoyed Whitney and Tom's company, as well and the inclusion of Jeff and Mary this week couldn't have been more perfect. Am I sounding a bit effusive? You should have been here. Another one goes down on the oral traditions and annal history of Otter bar Lore. And the guide staff was a bit of OK too with PK, Silas, J&K making for a beyond solid team. Thanks for kicking off the year with one of the best first weeks ever! Also, you can find photos for this week on the Otter Bar Lodge Fans page