Friday, May 14, 2010

May 9 -15

Great flows and a great group. Full house this week and we really appreciate Maren and Paul and Steve sticking around for a second! We had fantastic flows all week and some beautiful weather on and off. Very cold storm on Monday and I managed to get yet one last day of Powder (10 inches up high). Boat one day and ski the next - pretty cool. I included a few snow shots on this weeks OB Fans page update We had groups plying the South Fork's Methodist Creek run, Knownothing run and Matthews creek run as well as two forays up the North Fork to the Idlewild run and runs on both Butler and Norheimer runs. It doesn't get any better around here as the water quality is stunning. Peter K , Silas, K&J made up the top notch instructional team and we are thrilled to meet D&J who clearly fit in with program. We haven't had Margarita Night yet and the groups are out ripping it up so I will post more later - especially a few more photos from tonight's festivities. Sorry I don't have more river shots! Cheers and leave some comments ("anonymous" works fine) either here or on OtterBar Lodge Fans page or both! We appreciate it.

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  1. Hi Peter:

    Just was checking out the blog now that the season has begun. It looks like you had a great group and the weather looks fantastic, except maybe for the snow day. Waiting for photos from Margarita Night, as you know that and the massages are my favorite part of the week!!!