Thursday, November 4, 2010

November 4

An amazing Fall with lots of rain and projects. Completed a new fuel shelter for generator diesel tank and a complete overhaul of the main gravity lodge water system. Skied two days in the high country in late October as we had an unexpected very cold storm (30 inches of fresh)! Have also been doing a major remodel in Etna with two new baths. We had a visit from SUP experts Taylor Robertson and Dan Gavere last weekend and I was able to get out with them and paddle and begin to get a handle on this super cool new sport. The run from Otter Bar to Norheimer was thrilling not to mention stunning. Pretty fun to up the ante without having to run harder water. So we will be offering SUP classes in August this year. Rush just back from Mexico and then Banff film fest and is off for China tomorrow. Alli almost done in New Zealand and Kristy is in Europe for three weeks. Hope this finds you all well! Photo is by Dan Gavere p