Sunday, September 2, 2012

August 26 - Sept 1 2012 Last week

Incredible week! What a way to wrap our season with a great week of people, paddling and a five star staff that rocked it to the end! The last night goes down in OB history for the wonderful music fest with the addition of two talented female vocalists (Adriane and Rachael) and, of course, Rex and Petey killing it with the strings. This one will never be forgotten by any of us and isn't it cool when you know you are having an experience that is seared into the memory banks for life! Seems like this happens a lot at OB. It was so great sharing Carrie's 50th with her and Bill and Justin were, as always, the nicest guys ever. Cheryl styled it for another week (her 27th I think) and was in fine form! Great having Amy and John back as well as Paul Shaw-wood and his brother Robert. Lots of new folks and we love meting Gilberto and Bella who flew in from Peru! Linda Shanahan was a study in tenacity as well as first timers Gary and Keith. Jeff Turner of kokatat fame made the scene and of course, we were thrilled that the famous writer of VANITY FAIR fame Michael J Gross seemed to have the time of his life. Also of note was an amazing dive trip on Wednesday where we saw lots of King Salmon. What a wonderful, wonderful week it was! THANKS FOR COMING    love from the whole OB staff