Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 15 - 21


It was an amazing week at Otter Bar. Spectacular cloud scapes, warm water and a killer group was the reality for all of us. Great having Larry Bock (sorry for the travel blunder) and Richard Spry return and they definitely got the top guns award. Larry's humor, was, as always, on the money. Charley and Tracy also made the scene with their over the top fun Auntie Penny who, frankly, ripped it up and was a study in effusive positive energy. What a dame! Wisconsin group were (all four) the nicest guys ever and the boss even liked them because they were engineers AND even cool people. We had storm clouds and amazing food (Dan and Mary held harmony high in the galley - they ROCK) and the instructor crew were on target big time with Daan and Jess and Kyle and Shannon. The music scene on the final night with Rex and Miles put us where we love to be. Sound a bit over the top? IT WAS!  The Salmon is finally dropping out but the Klamath is finally dropping in. Funny how that works Thanks for coming - all of you! We love what we do.  p

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 8- 14

Summer time here on the Salmon River and warm clothing seems a thing of the past. Strong group with a lot of solid progress and this, combined with a super amiable group, made the guide's jobs very rewarding! Perone was in full court this week and it was a pleasure seeing Karen as well as Michael Cummings and Bill Kraft. The food just seems to get better and Dan and Mary have set the bar on welcoming guests into the kitchen. We were mostly still on the salmon with a finale on the Dillon to Sandy Bar stretch. I have been seeing lots of Salmon in the deeper pools and the diving/swimming has been wonderful. Thank you all for coming!  p

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 1 - 7

       Fantastic week. Very solid crew with some strong beginners who rocked it this week. Weather, flows, instruction, food, comraderie, etc were off the charts. We were, once again on the Salmon all week with a finale on the Dillon to Sandy bar section. The Klamath has finally come in and it is great to be able to get on it as the flows have been too high previous to this week. Superb wildlife sightings down there with the birdlife and fish action in abundance. Great having Pete and Cathy back in addition to the Stephanie and Jennifer team who kept the guides on their toes. Lots of new folks this week, as well and the father son team of Jordan and Ethan were a delight to watch excel at the sport. Mike raised the bar, as well, on the beginner front! Not to forget the amazing B-Rad and Milling's roll at the bottom of sandy Bar took the cake. Thanks for coming!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 24 - 30 2012

    We are midway through are season and, thanks to groups lie this one, business has been good! A super fun and amiable group of folks this week and the comraderie and vibe were over the top. Lots of repeats and it was fun having Beth and Bill and Sheryl back again! Nahanni also kept us entertained as well as the antics of Frank Colver who spent the week testing his electric motor cycle in the high elevations around the lodge. We had nine new folks, as well and special mention goes to John Moragne who generously plied the entire group with wonderful wines all week. In the culinary department Dan and Mary really hit their stride this week and their open and loving approach to the entire food experience was duly noted by all. Of course, without the instructors I would really be loving life (just kidding) and they were spot on with the program on all levels. We will miss Grum sorely, although Kristy and I plan to catch up with him at some wedding in Virginia. Thanks for coming and making this life possible for us!