Friday, May 28, 2010

May 24 -30

Very rainy and cold in all of California this week. Despite the average age of this amazing group of long time OB veterans, this was a resilient crew that paddled hard all week. Of course, Peterson held court and while The Ferg often upstaged him, he was dominant until the very end and is even staying another week just to piss off the group. Paul Johnson and super chef son Dano were their ever charming selves and Merida Scully, while the true rock star of the group, was kind enough to put up with the sophmoric humour (she's English) while she gracefully styled the runs to the chagrin of the old guard. It was a rainy week indeed and the hot tub may never recover but we did love this group and while none of them may want to take a chance on Northern CA weather again we can only hope. Check our Fans page for photos and THANKS FOR COMING

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  1. Nice photos Peter. I like the shot looking down at the solo boater. You can see the swirls from last 3-4 paddle strokes.