Friday, June 4, 2010

May 31 - June 5

Great week for the first four days with excellent levels and then a warm rain hit. The team had pretty high flows on Wed (we moved the rest day up to Thurs) and everyone had a blast as the river rose to about 6k by late in the day. Reim distinguished himself as a big water aficianado but, really, everyone rocked! Sorry Steve tweaked his back. Thursday was a good rest with class five pondage. Levels were dropping fast, however, mother nature took a turn and we had yet more warm rain in the night. By day break the river was at 10k and by breakfast (Friday) it was at 13k and rising. So Kettering did his famous "risk" talk and we all took a drive down to Bloomers to sight see the logs running the drop. We then did more class 5 pondage with gates and play paddling moves and hikes in the PM. I guess all that snow had to come off sometime! Great having Pete Peterson for a second week and a real treat having Bella and Jeff back. Check the "Fans" page for more photos including the trip to Bloomers. Sorry I didn't get any whitewater shots of you guys. Thanks for coming. p

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  1. Hi Peter: I'm enjoying reading all your posts. I especially like this group picture format-- away from the pond and without a kayak! Very nice.