Friday, June 11, 2010

June 6 - 12

This week started with mega flows ( 15K the Friday before) but the river did drop pretty fast! Very game group with the week culminating in a solid upswing for all. Green river now with lovely summer weather (finally) and an amazing "margarita night" still in full swing as I write. First day of summer this and at last California is not a rumor. Loved having Rob and Linda and "the boys" and Leslie was on her usual roll cutting the staff no slack (or maybe that was Linda). Great to see the Oblander crew enjoy and scope the environs to the max and maybe we even talked Keith into the fold (his roll certainly is 4 star)! Joanne, Craig, Kurt and Tristan as always a pleasure. The week turned into a blast with the able assistance of a stellar instructional crew who truly pulled out the stops. The boss was very happy. Food was off the charts, as well and so cool to see Kendra rocking the culinary show big. OB cook-off is way on. You can check the fans page for photos!

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  1. What a fantastic week with the new (to me) Kiwi crew and my buddy Dave. It was a treat to get river time with Peter as well. Great flows and fantastic food. Tommy and Kendra rock!