Friday, June 18, 2010

June 13-19

Fantastic group! The whole staff loved this week as it was non stop laughter and fun for all. Michelle and Steve (brother/sister) seemed a bit of a catalyst with their never ending humor and abuse of each other (it never got ugly - really) and came with their respective spouses Ty and Jan . We had a small kid group, as well, and while a few of the adults had raised eyebrows at first the boys proved to be a great addition! We all enjoyed seeing Griffin,Hunter, and Liam go from zero to turbo and there is something to be said for starting this sport at 14,15 and 16. Great having Dan and Elizabeth here and Monte was a rock (or crazy depending on how you look at it) to go paddling after having his shoulder partially replaced. Tommy and Kendra held major court with their culinary skills as usual and were much appreciated. We had relatively high flows early on but the emerald green water is back (as you can see from the pics on our fan page) and summer time feels fine. Thank you all for coming and making this an incredibly fun week for us. Special mention goes to Hunter Ney whose smile goes down in the books and whose enthusiasm was infectious. Leave a comment here or on the Fans page. Thanks peter

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