Saturday, May 22, 2010

May 16 - 22

We had four guests this week and much of the time four instructors. The great BJ and GC held court and D&J were a welcome addition to the team. Great fun seeing Steve Rottman again and his humor carried the week. Sheri and Carrie Ann and Chad were also a pleasure to be around, as well, and despite some very high flows, the learning curves were steep! It was a pretty cold week mixed with bits of sunshine and the "chinese fog landscapes" were second to none. Extremely beautiful here this spring and the place is running smoother than ever. Now if we just had more clients.... Thank you guys so much for coming!!

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  1. It was a wonderful week. Wonderful? Hell ---exceptional - beautiful - dramatic weather (thanks for that Peter!) - GREAT crew - So far beyond what I expected that I was close to tears when I left. My local boating girls are all ready to sign up for next year.. so batten down the hatches! Boated with Ruth Gordon this afternoon and it was great to be able to chat with a fellow Otter Bar Alum. It's a difficult place to describe to the uninitiated. So much magic....the only thing missing are the unicorns on the river banks. You should talk to a taxidermist about getting some of those Peter! It's really the only thing missing.
    see you all in 2011!
    Scout (the one with the grey hair and gungho attitude!)