Monday, June 3, 2013

May 26 - June 2

By all accounts, "Old Home Week" was a ragging success! This crew certainly kept the boss on his toes as the "fix it" orders came fast and furious. Pete Peterson was in excellent form as was Henry Louderbough and Jim Mikeska. These guys have returning for many many years and I think Pete holds the record for the most visits (approx 200). While low, the rivers were in fact wonderful and highly conducive to the learning curve. Amazing to think we could teach these old farts anything but the guides were stunned at the progress the entire group made this week. Great seeing Bob and Marion Lew as well as Rob and Linda and, of course the irascible "Ferg" held court on a constant basis. We had a number of new people this week, as well, and we will be posting a "geezer "warning from now on for these unsuspecting souls. We had some cool weather and rain early in the week but things heated up towards the weekend and, from my perspective, I don't think things could have gone any better this week. Bri and Therese positively killed it in the galley and the food here somehow manages to reach new heights every year. Thanks for coming!!  P

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