Friday, July 3, 2009

June 28 - july 4

Warm weather here and a great bunch of kids (5 of them) and adults made for another fantastic week @ OB. Lots of new folks and fast learners with solid rolls the norm. The group is off to Dillon to Sandy Bar as I write and we even talked Paula into coming with and riding the Dynamic Duo with Jesse Shimrock at the helm. Amazing swimming this week and we did a trip to Bloomer's on Wed that was super fun. Hot afternoon with approx ten Salmon deep in the pool and the swimming party was nothing short of riotous. Amy Eisenberg distinguished herself with her water spider antics and the boss was delighted to see everyone having such a blast. The upper hole also saw it's share a late afternoon cliff jumping and the emerald water of the salmon was sheer joy. A great week with tons of kayaking and swimming. Will Miller also distinguished himself as top dog and even pulled off a low water run on Butler with Graham as his private instructor. Hard to top that. Last week for Gray as he is off to Norway via points South. We will miss him! Lovely dinners outside and Brian and Tommy pegged the meter once again. Cheers and thanks to you all and please leave comments below this post so we can find out what you really think!

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