Friday, July 31, 2009

July 26 -Aug 1

Double week, this, with seven adults and eight kids. The kid's courses are run completely separately. Pictured above are several parents who have been able to check in on their charges during the course of the week. Very hot earlier this week but cooler now. We swam a lot late in the day and into the evenings on some days. Everyone in this group got their roll and they are off to the final day on the Klamath as I write. Great group with no shortage of hilarity at the evening meals. We didn't always serve lunch, though, as Paul was trying to help OB keep costs down. Beautiful weather here now with the low this AM @ 60 degrees. Huge party tonight and I will be transporting kids over on my backhoe to join us for music and margaritas ( some are only 10 but they have to grow up sometime, don't they?). Cheers to all and we fixed the "comment" problem so now you should be able to do this!

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