Friday, July 17, 2009

July 12 - 18

A small group with a big foot print not soon to be forgotten in Otter Bar lore. We tell an occasional story around here and this week could qualify. The distinct lack of curtains, surly owners and drab setting were duly noted by New York heavy weights. Complete lack of attention to detail, miserable food and arrogant instructors complimented the atrocious setting deep in the ruins of a once mighty forest. But at least the bear was blind. And being bald has never been better in this week of studied irreverence and, well, hilarity. Indeed, Fuad distinguished himself by offering more suggestions in one week than we have had in 28 years. And all good ones I might add. Peter, Russell and Crystal put up with a lot but, hey, they're nice people. This was a week to remember (and miss) with an amazing day of diving at bloomer's on top of a great week of boating. And the fire threat even went away (for now) to round out a very fun week (for the boss) and for this we are HUGELY grateful. Thanks to you all and leave a comment (if you can). We will try and have the screening process fixed soon.


  1. well put........
    thanks everybody


  3. This past August I spent my fourth year enjoying a week long Otter Bar Kayak experience. The food, instruction, and beauty of the surroundings were, as always, superb, and user friendly. The expertise of the staff gives amateurs complete confidence to go ahead and try what is offered knowing that help is always forthcoming and swift. It has taken me four years to become really comfortable in rapids and I credit this to the patient, professional, and supportive instruction of Otter Bar's staff.

    Bill Nebo (a 66 year old kayak student)