Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JUNE 7-13 2009

Cooler weather with bits of rain, tons of sun and wonderful "Chinese landscape" fogs have been the norm this week and we are loving it. The river is dropping slowly down and we are migrating to the lower sections and towards the Klamath. Loved seeing Hank Bratt after all these years and meeting Hazel. We had a blast this week and really enjoyed the addition of lance and Lucy. Flash floods late in the week turned the North fork chocolate but I am super happy to report that we are back to normal and the river is stunning once again. Otter bar beach is happening! Thanks guys and send posts!


  1. This is obviously the coolest group of people to EVER spend a week at Otter Bar. And that boat really ties the group together, man.

    Another of the best weeks of my life spent at Otter Bar -- the kayaking, the food, the company, and the setting were beyond superlative once again. Thanks to everyone at OB, and I can't wait to come back.

    And, yes, I did give my notice at work when I got back on Monday.

  2. The week was inspiring. Have been getting out on the Trinity and going to kayak night at the pool. It's been a little rough on the river not having anyone to tote my boat around and bake me cookies to have at break time, but I am digging deep and making due. The Diesel is feeling good. Also, feeling more comfortable in stronger current. This is the first year I remember being sad to see the water levels drop. Once again, hats off to the chefs. Did we tell you often enough that the food was amazing? I fantasized about those chocolate lava cakes for days! Hope to be back next year. I want to keep working on that paddle twirl and I'd like to learn another word as cool as chillax! Miss you all!