Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 15 - 21

A fun week at Otter Bar with another very game and interesting group. We were joined by four people in inflatable kayaks who learned lots of technique in the course of a week. We talked these guys into starting in hard shells for the first day only. This facilitated an awareness of hull performance and helped the learning curve. Kurt and Tristan were the stars this week and we so appreciate them coming back this year. Many of our regular clients did not come this year due to water level concerns. We fortunately have the Klamath 15 miles away and it has been fantastic for learning with great water levels and friendly warm water. The food has been 5 star  and the lodge and grounds are looking spectacular this year with most dinners outside. Very gregarious crowd this week and the vibe was fantastic. Sorry that Brandon and Ryan had to leave early. They were two of the strongest beginners we have seen in years and even taught themselves other side rolls on Wed. Speaking of which we did another afternoon of diving on Wednesday and the King salmon didn't disappoint! PK, Dave Farkas and Scott Harding did an amazing job instructing this week! Thanks for coming!!

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