Friday, June 6, 2014

May 25 - 31

                      I recognize that the superlatives in these posts is generally borderline over the top but the learning and commraderie was exceptional. "Old Home week" with a bunch of new (and much younger) friends was a huge success! "The Ferg" didn't disappoint and paddled his best week ever as well as bringing the best beer ever! How he spoils the guides! It was Henry"s birthday and Kristy organized a wonderful wine tasting extravaganza complete with wine expert Gabe. The dinner was tres fancy (complete with special menus), as well, and hats of to K on this one. Several mega repeats said it was "the best week ever" and this felt awfully good to hear! Pete Peterson and Jim Mikeska were in their usual irascible form and Top dogs Mike and Leslie ripped it up all over the place and the river is showing bruises. This was a sensational week with a stellar guide staff, cook staff and of course the upper level management was never missed a beat... well maybe a couple. So great to have so many new folks, as well. Business looks bleak for many remaining weeks which is odd considering we have the best water and flows in all of California with no other people on the river. The Klamath rocks for teaching all levels and we feel profoundly lucky to have it only 15 miles away! We are still on the lower salmon, as well but probably just for one more week. Eating outside now and it is truly lovely here. Thanks for sticking with us! 

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