Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 18 - 24 2014

                     Great week! We still have good flows on the Salmon and were able to utilize all sections that we have been running for the last few weeks. Great having Kathleen and Rose around who, while they didn't paddle, took full advantage of the area. Bruce Wear was in great form and definitely got the top dog award. My friend and ski buddy Bill Sullivan made the scene and it was a total pleasure catching up with him. Pippin and Mario kept us on our toes and we enjoyed the company of two new women (Kim and Danielle). Our amazing chefs, Therese and Miranda did not disappoint and I may weigh 300 pounds by the end of the season. I believe we delivered an amazing product this week and the only downside was that It appears many people think we don't have water so the groups are small. Admittedly, we are moving towards the Klamath but the water is wonderful and the quality of the experience is as superb as always. So if you are reading this and were here this year leave a comment on Facebook re same. We need some help filling our weeks!  Thanks for coming   P

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