Sunday, May 11, 2014

May 4-10 2014

                   It was a total whirlwind getting the lodge ready to open this year as we did a ton of painting, landscaping, remodeling etc. Due to last year's fire we had been closed for nine months so it took Peter and crew many months of 10 hour days to bring it back. Week one was an absolute blast despite some rain and lower than normal levels. We started on the section from Otter Bar to Norheimer and progressed to the lower salmon, Ikes, Presido to Sandy Bar, Creeks run, Butler and Nordheimer for our strongest paddler. Fabulous cloud , brilliant sunshine and chunky showers were the norm. The food this year was outstanding (many people claim it was the "best ever") and Therese and Miranda worked wonders in the galley. This week was truly a bit of magic never to be forgotten and the stellar instructional crew of Scott, Andy, Jess and Dn was super well received. We also have Deborah who is new to the massage house staff team and is a most welcome addition! She and Judy B will be doing the massage program this year. We will miss Bob Beaver, although he has been helping Peter with a major overhaul of our bike fleet. We missed not having Steve Rossberg here last week and had a memorial for him with those who knew him on Wed (see post on FB). Thanks for coming and love to you all.   Pictured above is  Rheim, Mellissa, John,Cat, Tim, Willy, Greg, Dn,Jason, Teresa, Asuko, Paul and Merida.  Not pictured were Andy, Scott and Jess

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