Sunday, August 4, 2013

July 28 - Aug 3

Temps cooled this week and azure blue skies returned on Wed as they managed to get the Orleans fire contained. Our late summer season was shaping up quite nicely with additional bookings coming in and minimal smoke from the Oregon fires. This was not to be as on that same Wed evening some arsonists lit multiple fires along the Salmon River roadway and, at present, we are in a smoke and fire filled war zone with the Salmon River road closed. This week's group was amazing for their kindness and understanding and, in fact, there was a ton of learning that went on despite the fact that the road closed on Thurs and we couldn't get to the Klamath. Matt, Bob, Lynn, David and Gus cheerfully put up with the late week crisis and for this we are hugely thankful. Scott Harding and Peter Kettering did a great job keeping things moving. Therese and Bri kept the killer food coming and Kristy took over all the Lodge jobs as no other staff could get here. We are so thankful for all who came this season.  p

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