Friday, August 2, 2013

July 21 - 27 2013

Certainly one of otter Bar's most successful weeks ever! We had a full adult class as well as a full kid's week which ran simultaneously. Lots of vehicles, shuttles and details but all went according to plan. Very enjoyable group with a wide range of skills and true passion for the sport. It was, however, very hot but this didn't seem to slow down the group at all. Good thing kayaking is such a wet sport. Great seeing Bruce Van Nice again and the Team of Nathan and Sarah Norris was a pleasure to have around. Lots of new people this week. Alex Muck brought her dad, Steve and brother Max along and I believe they pegged the fun meter! Great seeing Eric Weiss and his wife Amy (thanks for all the medical tips) and our resident biologists Paul and Sherry Barrett kept us laughing and tuned to the natural world. We also enjoyed Rachel and Jared Adams who brought a pack of kids to kids camp and I believe we owe a huge thanks to grandpa Phil Harlan for his generosity. Bob Pender and his beautiful daughter Victoria were a lovely addition and I was fascinated with his life story - sorry we didn't talk more. Regan Moore and Lynne Bruno were both delightful to have around and were a positive influence. I loved this week despite the fact that it was a major handful because the group had such a blast together. Thank you all for coming!!  p

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