Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 1 - 7 2014

A week full of surprises and a wonderful group of people made for a super memorable time! We had an itinerant couple stop by out of the blue and play some captivating music with a violin and a standup hammer dulcimer (not sure I have that description right - see photo on FB) and we were all stunned. In addition we had a stellar hooping expert (Nicole Bradford) in our midst and she performed magic on several evenings including Mexican night when she had live flaming hoops. We had the fire dept standing by (guide with blanket) in case she caught fire. Great seeing Brian and Heidi again as well as Bill, Sheryl, Robert, Linda and Joanne. That crew did a little boating on the way here and put the peddle down on the adventure meter.  Sal Jepson showed up a day late as she was just returning from Madagascar. She rallied pretty quickly and as ever we are so appreciative of all the vet advice! Nice having Bob Andrews back again and we had a new couple, David and Kay from Arizona who were a very welcome addition. Frank Colver was on the scene with his latest electric trike and I was less than thrilled when this 79 year old was doing doughnuts on the newly manicured beach. He always make quite a go of exploring the high country via forest service roads and as always he was very generous on all levels especially with his flute music. The guides and cooks were on the money once again and thank you all for making this such a memorable week!

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