Thursday, July 10, 2014

June 29 - July 5 2014

Small but wonderful week with some fast learners! All sections on the Klamath were in and fantastic. The diving on Wed PM was amazing and I believe everyone saw fish! I was a pleasure having John Kretzler return and the the rest of the group were all first timers. Joe Kinner came with a solid skill set and was super serious about ramping up his skills. His dad was super human driving 44 hours to bring Joe down afrom Seattle and then pick him up at the end of the week. Too bad no one was from Seattle! We missed having Howard Torf the last night but it was great meeting him. Skye Ellison was something of a beginner but was combat rolling by the end of the week. Her dad, rafting legend Jib Ellison, joined us for the last couple of days and was a blast to have around. Calvin and Sandi were new to OB, as well, and were a wonderful fit with the group. It was kettering's last week and we will miss him. Andy Round also held court in the instuctional program. Therese and Miranda as usual were spectacular in the galley. Thanks for coming!!

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