Wednesday, August 8, 2012

July 29 - Aug 4

        Very small week so we loaded the deck for this photo and included our wonderful chefs Dan and Mary. Special thanks to Steve Barnes for sticking around for a second week! Great meeting Craig Poulsen, John Shea and Bruce and Karen who were a solid and well matched group. Great weather and paddling, although we had a muggy heat up toward the end complete with a fire on the last day. The management here at OB had some major heartburn over this one as close to 20 fires were started in a ten mile area (T-bar to Dillon) due to an unobservant truck driver who was inadvertently dragging a bit of chain. I am more than happy to report that the fires are contained and we never even had smoke. All good here now and blue green with the finest summer weather one could ask for (high 80's day and low 50's night). Lots of fish were seen this week on Wednesday dive trip! It was Peter Kettering's last week and he will be sorely missed. He and Benny did a great job, as always! Thanks for coming

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