Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 5 - 11

        Killer group! Wonderful times were had by all this week as the group's dynamics made for top notch comraderie! Great to see Steve Carnale back for a second week and it appeared that Michelle had a blast! John and Kyle Mason (sorry about the lack of photos of you Kyle) were back again, as well, and we loved meeting their friends Bill and Mark Hummel who were a super fun addition! Kirk and Clare Heyne also made the scene and it was great having them back. We also enjoyed the Coco family (Kathleen, Sara and Aidan). Marshall and Jeff were new on the scene as well as Pierre who's sage advice re sports medicine was much appreciated. We had a great time on all the runs on the Klamath, including the Ikes and the food and cooks were over the top once again! How we love Dan and Mary. Daan and Jess and Farkas and Shannon held court in the instruction department and did an absolutely first class job. Special mention goes to new client Jordan Kaltman for his help sewing up a minor bash Jess sustained. Thanks so much to this group for showing such much appreciation for what we do here - YOU ROCK!

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