Monday, August 27, 2012

August 12 - 18

A bit late getting this blog up! Sorry about that. Lots of new faces this week and it was another super congenial week. Great having Sebastian Weiche back and he took full advantage of the area (skis are on their way! THANKS)! Never a dull moment with Abi Riak around and Maura was a delight, as well. Martin, Christina and Stella were a wonderful family group new to us as well as Jeremy and Jason. Really enjoyed meeting Milan also who hails from Iowa and had some interesting farming stories. The food, as always was killer and the paddling sublime. We had some hot weather but the Klamath did not disappoint! Daan, Jess,Ben and Dave held court in the instructional dept and were super pro as always. Sweet group   THANKS FOR COMING  p

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