Monday, August 27, 2012

August 19 - 25

Wow - we are almost through our season and weeks like this make it so easy! Cheryl Hunt was back on the scene for a two week stint! The departing group were not happy that she got to stay on. It was a blast seeing Ingrid again and her paddling made solid strides even if her memory is a bit sketchy. Sadly, Mark and his two boys Corey and Travis had to leave a day early as Corey is off for a year in Spain. But he got to turn 21 at OB and I think dad gets a medal for the coolest birthday present ever. Nice family who picked up on the paddling quickly. GREAT dive day Wed never to be forgotten. Clare and Gabe and their great Dane Rufus were a huge addition and I think Clare may even buy a boat! Thanks for coming!!

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