Sunday, June 5, 2011

May 29 - June 5

This was a solid group in all ways! The entire staff really enjoyed this week as you guys were game and never complained about the shitty weather, surly staff and marginal food - just kidding. The food was, well, off the charts and that helped. Juxtapositionings of note that added spice included the "Grahams" / South African wine guy versus kiwi kayak icon. The banter was rich and the wine certainly flowed! Loved seeing Bella and Jeff rock it on the river and speaking of rocking it, Steve Carnale certainly stepped up to the plate. Andy Bright and Janet Russel were a pleasure and, of course seeing Henry Louderbough hang tough was a treat. Greg Simmons and Bruce Wear did not disappoint once again! Bruce Fang was new on the scene (thanks for the shuttle) and George Ruff's level of commitment is exceptional. So I know I always wax effusive on these but... you guys ROCK! Speaking of rocking, our chefs Kendra, Jackie and Dano are setting a new standard of culinary excellence at OB. Oh, and the kayak instruction was OK too with Benny, PK, Grum and Dave Farkas spinning their webs. THANKS for coming guys! p

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