Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 19 - 25 2011

Super fun week with another game (and hilarious) crew. Great to see Bill Sullivan, Caryl Hart and Erin Rottman again! We had chunky but doable flows with the river finally plummeting towards the end of the week. Perfect weather as summer is here and, as always, the kitchen crew rocked out meal after meal of 5 star fare. Some fun new folks this week with Terry and Don pegging the laugh meter on a constant basis. Great to meet Ingrid (happy birthday), Laura and Michelle. Tawney was a wonderful addition and instructor Dave Farkas was, for some reason, was over the top. Kettering and Ben were also in fine form and the crew did an exceptional job with a variety of skill levels and a river that was less than ideal.

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  1. Amazing people in a beautiful place. Can't thank our outstanding instructors enough-appreciated the thoughtful approach Ben, Dave, and PK took with us. And even though I'm not a "foodie", the kitchen crew shook my world ;)
    Thanks for bringing such a group together Peter and Kristy.