Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 5 - 11

Wonderful flows once again. We somehow have managed to make it this far without unmanageable flows! Fun to see the father/ son team of Kurt and Tristan - they rocked. Ty and Michele (on their honeymoon no less) as always kept us rolling. Thanks to Joanne and Bob for returning for so many years and keeping us alive and having so much fun here! We had lots of new people this week and it is so appreciated. Carl Reuter especially distinguished himself by helping the boss big time with lots of new info re alternative power systems. The weather is finally beginning to be summer and it is a joyous thing. Fantastic instructional crew this week and Kristy and I really appreciate their help while we were off at Alli's graduation from UCSC which was a total blast (even Rush showed up). They were truly on top of everything. Dano and Jackie and Kendra rocked it in the kitchen and this was heavily mentioned in in the guest comments. I posted their food pics album on the fans page so check it out. Very cool and fun to have a record of all those meals. Thanks to you all for making this another great week. cheers peter

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