Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 12 - 18

Summer finally showed up with excellent flows! We even had some beginners this week but it was a super game group and everyone seemed to love the whole experience (way to rock it Sara)! Kristy and I joined the week late after attending Alli's graduation from UCSC. Great seeing Steve Fredrick again as well as Rob and Linda and Leslie. Stellar folks who have been here so many times - how we love you! We were joined on Margarita night by a number of OB guides and their significant others. Jason Arbetter and Rachel were a delight to see as well as Grum and Ellissa, Peter and Vicki, Dave farkas and Tawny as well as Alli Sturges and her friend Sam. It was the Salmon River at it's very best with crystal clear days and temps in the low 80's and Rex Richardson with his fine tunes for the finale. Some great new folks this week, as well, and we enjoyed meeting Robert and Linda, and John and Denita. THANKS FOR COMING peter

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