Saturday, July 10, 2010

July - 4 - 10

Boated from Methodist Creek to Otter Bar yesterday (July 9) and it was superb! Great levels still, although, the river is on it's way down to normal. Great week with a bunch more very game folk. Very hot towards the end but doing water sports during heat waves works well! Another heavenly margarita night and the addition of Lisa's slide show was a delight. She worked hard on her photos all week and I will add her stuff to the fans page when I get them. Enjoyed having Doug, Greg (he is sticking around for another week just to annoy everyone) and Lisa back for another week and Mary, Erin and Jan were a blast. Special mention to Jan whose ability to slam dunk Doug in the breath hold comp does down in the record book. Loved watching Herb dive into the music last night and Rex and company played it fine. Now if we could get Herb to focus on his roll the way he listens to music... Tommy and Kendra, once again, pulled out the stops in the culinary department and in the "just plain wonderful to have around" department. Thanks for coming, guys, we had a blast peter

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