Friday, July 16, 2010

July 11-17

July 11-17. Very small group this week. We even had to get Tommy Papas in there for the pic to pad things out. Really enjoyed having Oliver Fix do his first week of instruction/observation and it was quite riveting to hear all about his experiences at the Olympics in 96. We also enjoyed a visit from Gilda and his son Kai who at 4 looks like he is on his way to gold meadaling at something. Great to have Peter Kettering back in the fold! Super pleasant week with a visit from Paul Weiner who took the class for the first two days and Greg Simmons who styled his second week. Pete and Kathy Litz were also a pleasure to have around. Creek Hanauer made a cameo on day one and he didn't miss a beat! I included a few pics from the high country above OB as I had to make a run over the pass to town. Warm weather and excellent flows were the norm with the Salmon still at 1,100. This week was our first foray down to the lower Salmon. I am diving everyday now, although, there is still too much water to dive bloomers. Maybe I will run down there right now and check it out. The beach is fabulous and the swimming is as well. Also, you will find this weeks photos on our fans page. There is now a link to it ("our fans") on our main web site (you can click on the photo at the top to get back) cheers p

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