Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 18 - 24

The river is finally getting down to summertime normal flows. We are still using the property run and the lower Salmon into the Klamath. Yesterday we did our very first run on the Klamath. Warm temps and cool nights and pure blue skies made for another exceptional week of paddling. Cheryl Hunt was back in full force and took no guff from Kettering. She knows the lines. Beth and the Norris family were also great repeat guests and their learning curves were steep. David Norris also included his daughter Sarah this year and she kept us all guessing as to what she really thought of the group. Really enjoyed having Nick visit from the UK and he was really ripping things up by the end of the week. Insane food per usual from Tommy and Kendra and the dinners out each and every night were delightful. Super pleasant week! Thanks for coming guys!

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