Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 25-31

Busy week with 7 adults in one class and 9 kids in another. We run these separately and it is our busiest time of year. Great flows with super clear water and the diving on Wed at Bloomer's was the best this year! We did a run on the Ike's with part of the group (photo above). Most days were still on the Salmon, though and what a treat. Lots of photos on "our fans" page and more to come today. I will do another post just with kids photos and info. Really enjoyed the "couples" this week and while Andrew and Mary-Lynne and Miguel and Rhea were often missing or late or something, I believe a stellar time was had by all. Tashi distinguished himself with exceptional reparte and insight and his mom, Debbie was a delight. While Tom dominated much of the conversation, his kayak prowess was exceptional. Thanks for coming guys!

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