Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 8 - 14

We had a great group of people this week with strong skills. Very nice weather and while it was a little coolish it kept a lid on the flows. The levels were optimum, the food was off the charts (Dano, Jackie and Kendra are world class chefs) and the guides delivered a superb product. We have a lot of fun running this operation it is is so rewarding to have our second week go off as well as the first! Great having so many repeat clients. Clifford Schostal made an appearance after many years and paddled well. Great to see Merida, and Rhiem and Chris Hest all of whom ripped it up out there. Paul Popovich pegged the meter and stayed for another two weeks entertaining the guests with fashionable headware complete with 15 stiches (loved running out to the valley w/you, Paul). Fun to see Steve Rottman who was ever shy and rarely had a comment (thanks for the shuttle Steve). Michael Welch was strong and steady and we enjoyed seeing Dan and Luis after many years. Our only new guests this week were Beth and Len and they were a nice addition to this group. Thanks for keeping us alive here, guys! Keep on paddling p

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